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Established in 2012, Unisa Health is one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Turkey. Approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Unisa Health boasts state-of-the-art technology and an expert team. Our mission is to provide the most advanced healthcare practices nationally and internationally, prioritizing patient satisfaction. We aim to ensure a precise and comfortable experience for patients thousands of kilometers away by placing great importance on organization and travel processes.

At Unisa Health Turkey, we aspire to be a pioneer brand in the health tourism sector. With a team committed to ethical values focusing on patient satisfaction and health, we aim to grow by providing quality accommodation and transportation services. Under the banner of Health Tourism for Everyone, Unisa Health pledges to facilitate international patients' access to healthcare services in Turkey while providing a safe and comfortable experience. With the high-quality healthcare services Turkey offers, Unisa Health aims to deliver an unforgettable treatment experience with a patient-centered approach. Unisa Health embraces its commitment to ethical values and prioritizes patient satisfaction while facilitating access to healthcare services for everyone.

Beyond Beauty and Tourism

By combining quality healthcare services with the latest technology of modern medicine, Unisa Health not only offers aesthetic enhancements to its patients but also provides a supportive experience that is key to a healthy and happy life.

In this context, Unisa Health is not just an aesthetic clinic but also a healthcare center that understands its patients' needs and is responsive to them. The company remains committed to ethical values, prioritizing the health and well-being of its patients, and provides services not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health improvements.

Unisa Health's goal is not only to be a leader in the tourism sector but also to be a leading brand in the healthcare sector. Therefore, the company aims to grow and develop continuously in the light of science and knowledge, together with its competent team.

Innovative Approaches in Aesthetics

Unisahealth stands out as a leading aesthetic clinic known for its innovative approaches in aesthetics. The company offers the latest and most effective aesthetic treatment methods using state-of-the-art technology, providing patients with the opportunity to achieve excellent results.

Innovations in aesthetics are not limited to traditional surgical interventions. Unisahealth also focuses on less invasive methods such as non-invasive or minimal invasive procedures to enable patients to experience less discomfort and faster recovery.


History of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people visiting different countries to access healthcare services. While its historical origins date back to ancient times, modern medical tourism began to develop in the early 20th century. Today, leading healthcare institutions like Unisahealth pioneer the development of medical tourism with the latest technology and expert teams. Medical tourism facilitates patients' access to healthcare services at international standards while also contributing to the tourism sector economically. Institutions like Unisahealth play an important role in the history of medical tourism and shape the future of health tourism.


To support your medical tourism plans, our experienced medical advisors will assist you free of charge and answer all your questions.

Your Trip

To make your trip easier, our professional team will meticulously plan and guide you every detail, from your transfers to your accommodation.

Come to

Come to Turkey to benefit from the quality health services Turkey offers and benefit from the experience of our specialist doctors.


Get the chance to be treated in modern facilities and accompanied by expert doctors in Turkey and enjoy regaining your health.


By choosing Turkey for medical tourism, you will benefit from high-quality health services and have an unforgettable travel experience.


After the treatment process, you will leave Turkey happy and healthy, and your satisfaction will be our top priority. To make your trip easier, our professional team will meticulously plan and guide every detail, from your transfers to your accommodation.

Transfer and Accommodation

Our transfer and accommodation services are carefully planned to make your medical tourism experience complete. We aim to offer the best for you by meticulously planning every detail throughout your treatment process.

Transfer and Accommodation
Transfer and Accommodation

Frequently asked Questions

Hair transplantation in Turkey is known worldwide for providing cost-effective and quality service. On average, prices per hair transplant procedure in Turkey vary from clinic to clinic and the techniques used. However, in general, hair transplantation costs in Turkey are more economical compared to other countries. Prices may vary depending on factors such as the size of the hair area to be transplanted, the techniques used, the experience of the clinic and the doctor.

Hair transplantation creates a remarkable change in a person's appearance. Before the procedure, people may experience baldness or thinning hair, which may affect their self-esteem. After hair transplantation, the change is evident. The transplanted hair grows naturally, providing a fuller and younger appearance. This change not only brings back hair but also increases self-confidence and self-esteem. This is a life-changing procedure that offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a more vibrant and confident life by improving both appearance and self-esteem.

Yes, you can receive treatment in Turkey. Turkey has become an important destination in health tourism in recent years. The country has a modern medical infrastructure, well-equipped hospitals and specialist doctors. The healthcare sector in Turkey provides services in accordance with international standards and offers patients a wide range of treatment options. World-class treatment opportunities are available in Turkey in many fields such as plastic surgery, dental treatment, eye surgery and heart surgery. Those who want to receive treatment in Turkey have the opportunity to receive quality health services and treatment at affordable costs.

Yes, we can assist you with accommodation and airport transfer. In the health tourism sector in Turkey, patients' comfort and satisfaction are prioritized. Services such as accommodation and airport transfer are generally provided by clinics or health tourism agencies for patients who come to Turkey for treatment. These services aim to make patients' travels more comfortable and hassle-free. These services, managed by professional teams, provide all the support needed to meet patients' accommodation needs and organize airport transfers. In this way, patients can go through their treatment process peacefully.

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